Tool: Oven


One of the most common cooking devices, ovens cooking food in a heated enclosed space. They come in many forms, ranging from outdoor made of clay, to modern indoor appliances. Heat sources range from wood to gas and electric. Usually featuring dry heat that cooks from all sides by placing the food on a rack in the center of the chamber. Ovens are a key tool for baking and can be used for roasting or broiling meats and vegatables. Many modern ovens allow you to control the position of the heat source to be from the top, bottom or both.


Other names: Industrial Oven, Furnace, Kiln
Translations: Krāsns, Orkaitė, Cuptor, Pećnica, Lò nướng, Piekarnik, ओवन, Forno, Печь, Φούρνος, فرن, 오븐, Trouba, Oben, 烤箱, Forn, Rúra, Forno, תנור, Ugn, Пећ, オーブン, Four, Backofen, Ovn, Stekeovn, Horno, Піч, Uuni, Фурна



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