Tool: Cocktail Umbrella


A cocktail umbrella is a small umbrella usually made from paper and a toothpick. It is a common bar tool used as a garnish or decoration in cocktails, desserts or other food and beverages.


Other names: Drink Umbrella
Translations: Κοκτέιλ Ομπρέλα, Kokteilių Umbrella, كوكتيل المظلة, Koktejl Umbrella, Коктел Умбрелла, カクテルアンブレラ, Koktel kišobran, Koktejl Umbrella, Koktajl Umbrella, Коктейль Umbrella, 칵테일 우산, Kaktel payong, कॉकटेल छाता, קוקטייל מטריה, Коктейль Umbrella, Cóctel de Umbrella, 鸡尾酒伞, Cocktail Payung, Còctel de Umbrella, Коктейл Umbrella

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