Tool: Straw Dispenser


A straw dispenser is a dispensing container for beverage straws and is usually placed on a restaurant bar counter. The dispenser keeps the beverage straws free from dust and dirt and other vandalism.


Translations: Salmu Dispenser, Άχυρο Dispenser, Šiaudų balionėlius, سترو الصيدلي, Straw dávkovač, Distributeur de paille, Dispenser paie, 빨대 디스펜서, Straw dávkovač, Dozownik słomy, Сламе Дозатор, 秸秆机, Dayami dispenser, भूसे डिस्पेंसर, סטרו Dispenser, Стро Диспенсер, ストローディスペンサー, Halm Dispenser, Стро Диспенсер, Straw Dispensar, Стро Диспенсер



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