Tool: Casserole


A large, deep pot or dish used for both baking and serving. It is also the term used for a food item cooked in such a dish ie: Chicken Casserole, Tuna Noodle Casserole, etc.

The preparing of casseroles did not become hugely popular until condensed soup became available; soup companies invented recipes and encouraged housewives to cook with them.


Other names: Casserole Pan, Casserole Dish
Translations: Kastrolis, Puodai, Caserolă, Tepsija, Soong, Zapiekanka, पुलाव, Caçarola, Кастрюля, Κατσαρόλα, خزفي, 캐서롤, Kastrol, Kaserol, 沙锅, Cassola, Šerpa, Kastról, Casseruola, תבשיל, Gryta, Шерпа, キャセロール, Gryderet, Cazuela, Кастрюля, Keittokana, Задочник



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