Tool: Pint Glass


The term pint glass refers to two different styles of glassware; imperial pint and regular pint glass. An imperial pint glass holds 20 ounces, whereas a regular pint glass holds 16 ounces. An imperial pint glass will have a glass bulge that sticks out near the top. An imperial pint glass is the only glassware for beer service in UK.
The other type of pint glass is most often found in the United States. The shape is slender at the bottom and flares out at the top, which some refer to as a tulip shape.


Other names: Imperial Pint Glass, Nonic Glass, Tulip Glass, Conical Glass
Translations: Pinte Glass, ビールグラス, Pinta Stiklas, باينت زجاج, Polliter, Paintti Glass, Halbă de sticlă, Pinta Staklo, Půllitr, Pinta di vetro, פיינט זכוכית, Пинта стекло, 맥주잔, Pinta salamin, पिंट ग्लास, Пінта скло, 品脱玻璃, Pint Glas, Пита од стакла, Пинта Стъкло

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