Tool: Non-Aerosol Whipper


A device that allows you to create custom whipped cream, non-dairy topping, mousse, dressings, mayonnaise and sauces without beating or whisking and without the use of aerosol.


Other names: Non-Aerosol Cream Whipper
Translations: Non-Aerosola izkrāvējs, Neaerozolinėse Whipper, Non-aerosoli hăitaş, Non-aerosol redar, Sol khí không Whipper, Nieaerozolowych Whipper, Niet-Aerosol Whipper, गैर एयरोसोल whipper, Whipper Non-Aerosol, Номера для аэрозолей Уиппер, Μη Aerosol Whipper, غير الهباء الجلاد, 비 에어로졸 위퍼, Non-Aerosol Šlehací, Non-erosol Whipper, 非气溶胶惠珀, Whipper sense aerosol, Non-Aerosol Reda, Non-Aerosol Šľahacia, Whipper non aerosol, Non-תרסיס Whipper, Icke-Aerosol Whipper, Нон-аеросол редар, 禁煙エアロゾルホイッパー, Whipper non aérosol, Ikke-Aerosol Whipper, Ikke-Aerosol Whipper, Whipper sin aerosol, Номери для аерозолів Уіппер, Ei-Aerosol Whipper, Неаерозолни нахакано



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