Tool: Colander


A colander, like a strainer, is a cooking tool used to separate solids from liquids. Essentially, it is a bowl with holes.


Translations: Caurduris, Kiaurasamtis, Strecurătoare, Cjedilo, Rây lọc, Durszlak, Vergiet, कोलंडर, Coador, Дуршлаг, Σουρωτήρι, مصفاة, 거르다, Cedník, Saringan, Salaan, 滤器, Colador, Cjedilo, Cedník, Colino, מסננת, Durkslag, Ђевђир, こし器, Égouttoir, Seiher, Salatslynge, Dørslag, Colador, Друшляк, Siivilä, Решето



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I invented the colander. I remember the day well. It was 1978, in the springtime of my youth. More information is available in my memoir, "From Shovel to Whole-bowl." I am shopping the work around to publishers now.