Red Hot Chili Peppers

September 4, 2008

Sorry music lovers, I'm not talking about the band, I'm talking about the capsicum. Although both do add spice to your life.

You don't have to be a "hot head" (a.k.a. lover of spicy foods) to appreciate these beautiful chili wreaths. You can pluck from them for your cooking pleasure or just let them colorfully adorn your kitchen. There are a couple of shops in Pike Place Market that hand string these, and I am always like a kid in a candy shop oooing and aahing over the row upon row of them.

That's the short of spicy of it for today!



Alisa's picture

The picture is wonderful, I think I can feel my tongue burn just by looking at it!

bananas's picture

I SOOO love your pictures! they are truly inspiring.

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[...] mushin published a blog post. Mahdi Ebrahimi (friend of Hutch Carpenter): Red Hot Chili Peppers (via FriendFeed) [...]

Ken's picture

That's beautiful. How are the peppers attached? It would be fun to try to make one of these.