Why Diabetic Women Should Use Safflower Oil

March 29, 2011

A recent Ohio State University study found that Type 2 diabetic women who have already experienced menopause may be able to reduce insulin levels by adding one to two teaspoons of safflower oil to their diets.

safflower oil

After incorporating sunflower oil each day for just over two weeks, study participants showed improvement in sensitivity to insulin, inflammation, and cholesterol levels. Diabetic women prone to heart disease also benefited from the high amount of polyunsaturated fat found in the oil, which has been shown to improve heart health. The lead author of the study, Martha Belury, notes that these findings should not only apply to diabetic, post-menopausal women, but to all people. Belury says, "I believe these findings suggest that people consciously make sure they get a serving of healthy oil in their diets each day- maybe an oil and vinegar dressing on a salad, or some oil for cooking."

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Is it sunflower or safflower oil? Both are mentioned in the piece.