Kashi REAL Tour Comes to Your City

June 14, 2011

kashi real tour

Who: Kashi REAL (“Renew Eating and Living”) Tour Comes to Seattle’s Fremont Fair

What: http://www.kashi.com/events/real_tour

When: Saturday, June 18, 2011 - Sunday, June 19, 2011  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Where: Fremont Fair

Admission: FREE

Kashi, the popular natural food and lifestyle company, announced the launch of its first-ever REAL (“Renew Eating and Living”) Tour, which runs through September.  Kashi’s REAL Tour is a lifestyle immersion program and national grassroots tour designed to educate and provide helpful resources that promote real foods and natural living through a variety of touch points.  The cross-country tour is just one component of Kashi’s overarching REAL Project—a campaign that encompasses several new educational initiatives dedicated to help people renew their lifestyles with healthy and natural habits.

“We recognize that many people have taken a deep interest in eating and living more naturally, so we created this new tour as a way of supporting them as well as their healthy lifestyle changes and choices,” says Keegan Sheridan, natural food and lifestyle expert at Kashi.  “We are excited to partner with Burt’s Bees®—a company that shares our passion for all things natural—in order to impart our knowledge and products on a real, personal level, and we hope to inspire people across the country this summer to make positive lifestyle choices.”

Kashi is joining forces with Burt’s Bees, the natural health and beauty company, to host the national tour, which features three interactive tents.  Each will offer visitors a chance to either taste Kashi’s foods, discover new Burt’s Bees products or participate in interactive classes and activities focused on nutrition, sustainability and natural health and wellness.

“Making people’s lives better naturally is our collective mission at Burt’s Bees, so we’re thrilled to team up with Kashi to educate and engage with REAL tour guests face-to-face as they strive to make better lifestyle choices,” says Jim Geikie, VP of Global Marketing at Burt’s Bees.  “The experience will offer an opportunity to discover Burt’s Bees products and also share some of our sustainability practices with some great activities in the Explore tent.”

Upon arrival at the Welcome Tent, guests receive a personalized barcode bracelet, enabling them to “check in” and scan product and literature in each of the tents for downloadable information that they can send to themselves (or share with others) to review after the tour experience.  From there, they may participate in three interactive sessions:

  • Taste Here: Participants enjoy a sampling of Kashi’s tasty, good-for-you foods, including both favorite classics and new offerings

  • Nourish Here: Visitors are encouraged to nourish themselves with new health and beauty care products from Burt’s Bees and can receive hand massages

  • Explore Here: Individuals participate in interactive displays and fun workshops on sustainability, why and how to look for natural ingredients in foods and products, and how utilizing natural ingredients benefits the planet


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