5 Awful Offal Offerings

June 17, 2011

If you've ever wanted to channel your inner Andrew Zimmern and try some seriously bizarre foods, Alibaba.com is your one-stop shop; we've compiled awful offal offerings from the site's current inventory to whet your appetite and satisfy our own curiosity.

For the unfamiliar, the term "offal" essentially describes any part of a butchered animal that doesn't include bones or muscles. Offal includes an animal's intestines, liver, lungs, tongue, testicles, sweetbreads, stomach, snout, scrotum and kidneys. These awful offal offerings represent just some of the odd exotic meats that cultures all over the world enjoy on a regular basis.

1. Lamb Offal Bento Box: This lamb offal starter pack from Carpatic Lamb in Romania comes with seven different parts of a young sheep: sweetbreads, kidneys, liver, heart, brain, tongue and testicles. It's packed into a neat bento box for presentation points.

2. Pork Stomachs: These frozen pork stomachs come from Carnicas Huertos Moralejo S.L. in Spain, which has been in business for 15 years. The pork stomachs have been cleaned and centrifuged to remove extraneous oils and fat.

awful offal offerings

3. Halal Buffalo Frozen Aorta: This buffalo aorta comes from Al Azlan Frozen Foods in North India. The slaughterhouse raises animals that graze naturally and slaughters them according to Islamic rites.

4. Beef Feet: These beef feet come from C H Fresh Ltd in the United Kingdom and are cleaned and burned for sanitation purposes before being frozen for export.

awful offal offerings

5. Beef Omasum: Cows' stomachs have four compartments, and this omasum comes from the animal's third stomach compartment. This offal offering comes from SDV Trade in France, one of the largest exporters of other unusual foods like chicken feet.



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