Best Ever Pizza Sauce Recipe

July 13, 2011


The ultimate in Italian imports, pizza is touted as America's favorite food - and for good reason! Eminently portable, easy to prepare, and the most customizable food I can think of -- from fruit pizzas to chocolate dessert pizzas to good ol' red sauce and cheese, the combinations are literally endless.

Easily on the Top 10 list of ultimate comfort foods, a pizza has three key points: crust, sauce and toppings. While the flavor and defining characteristics are attached to the toppings and the type/thickness/texture/taste of the crust is also of paramount importance, it sometimes seems like the role of pizza sauce is often overlooked. Easy to prepare at home, the quality of your pizza sauce can make all the difference in the world -- so why not try it at home?

Pizza Sauce Recipe

Asparagus and Red Pepper Pizza on FoodistaAsparagus and Red Pepper Pizza

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