A Basket of Fries: 5 Different Ways to Prepare Fries

July 24, 2011

French fries may be the world's most consumed food.  We love them thick, we love them thin.  We love them roasted, we love them fried.  We love then straight, we love them crinkled.  We love them in all shapes and sizes.  Although potatoes are the vegetable of choice for making fries, I like to make fries from all types of vegetables.  Here are five different ways to prepare French fries.

Oven Fries
Save on calories by baking the fries instead of frying them.

Zucchini Fries
Try rolling the zucchini in panko bread crumbs instead.

Sweet Potato Fries
These bright orange potatoes are delicious dipped in blue cheese dressing.

Eggplant Strips
I like to dip mine in Marinara sauce.

Yucca Fries
Yucca is a starchy root that can be purchased at Latin grocers.  The root must be boiled before it is fried.

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