Thirsty Thursday: The Lava Flow

July 28, 2011

The quintessential Hawai'ian cocktail, served at the airport and probably every hotel in the state, the Lava Flow is a layered cocktail combining strawberries and a pina colada. In some versions, the strawberry element is simply strawberry puree - quick, easy and non-alcoholic - but in most, the fruity infusion is either a strawberry daiquiri or strawberry margarita. So here's how it plays out: blend the pina colada to a moderate slush and fill two highball or hurricane glasses half-way. Rinse blender and puree the strawberries or strawberry cocktail and top off the pina colada-filled glasses. Serve with a wedge of pineapple, strawberry and cute little cocktail umbrella. 

Daiquiri Lava Flow
Using a strawberry daiquiri base, this classic Hawai'ian cocktail is the best way to beat the summer heat.

Margarita Lava Flow
Two favorite cocktails in one!

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