Anthony Bourdain to Appear on "The Simpsons"

August 7, 2011

Matt Selman, the executive producer of "The Simpsons," tweeted a photo of Anthony Bourdain in an upcoming episode of the animated series on Saturday. Selman tweeted, "Hey @NoReservations, check out this sneak peek of Tony Bourdain's upcoming #Simpsons appearance."

Bourdain responded with his typical cynicism: "Reached the mountaintop. On The Simpsons soon. Nowhere to go but down now." The image Matt Selman tweeted appears above; Bourdain noted that he thought he would look like "a snowy-haired Cletus," and Selman replied that on "The Simpsons," the animation process turns back the clock 10 years.

Can you wait for Anthony Bourdain's cameo on "The Simpsons"?

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Krissy's picture

I'd like to see him on Metalocalypse next.

andrew 's picture

I think the old drunk needs to go back to Vasser and dry out