The Ripple Sink Strainer Has Scented Liners to Squash Your Kitchen's Stench

August 19, 2011

Fight kitchen odors with the Ripple sink strainer, a stainless steel strainer that comes with interchangeable scented liners. The liners' tropical scent keeps sink stenches at bay.

The Ripple sink strainer is available via Quirky, a clever design company that collects pre-order commitments on innovative design concepts. If a particular design meets a predetermined number of commitments, it gets produced. Would you use this scented strainer?

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Love the idea of this and would love to get one for my kitchen sink. Will they be out on the market and if so, about what would the price be?

Marissa Brassfield's picture

Clicking on the Quirky link, it looks like they're available for presale for $7.99. No release date is given, but if there are another 300 commitments, it'll go for sale.

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