4 Recipes to Spice Up Your Jam

August 24, 2011

This summer, artisan jams are all the rage - take your standard jam recipe, add herbs and spices, and voila! Combinations like Port & Cardamom or Saffron & Rose will spice up your jam in no time, making the perfect host(ess) gifts, gift basket fare or homemade holiday treat - so let's get canning!

Strawberry Lemon Verbena Jam
This classic favorite gets a fun herbal twist with fresh lemon verbena.

Apricot Jam with Saffron and Rose
A super fragrant jam that will become your favorite morning spread.

Fig, Wine & Cardamom
A perfect preserve for cheese plates, crostini or other sweet-salty dishes.

Cherry Walnut Jam
Another preserve destined for an elegant cheese plate or goat cheese tart - with a hint of crunchy walnut.

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