Tumblr Tuesday: Scandybars and Vegan Problems

August 30, 2011

This Tumblr Tuesday, we're taking a brief break from the five-blog format to highlight two hilarious Tumblr blogs: Scandybars and Vegan Problems. With an excellent mix of high-resolution images and wit, this reading combination packs a deadly one-two punch.

1. Vegan Problems: Vegan Problems is the latest addition to the "____ problems" meme, which attained viral fame thanks to fellow Tumblr blogs like First World Problems and White Girl Problems. Vegan Problems uses image macros and simple text to outline common issues vegans face, from "Not enough hummus for all these chips" to "unmeltable cheese."

vegan problems

2. Scandybars: Scandybars reminds me of Scanwiches, a Tumblr blog I've previously featured, in that it features scanned cross-sections of delicious eats. Instead of sandwiches, however, Scandybars zeroes in on candies of all sorts, from Reese's Crispy Crunchy bars to Thingamajig bars and Mike and Ike candies.


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