Dublin Bar's Underwear Amnesty Parties Trade Lingerie for Drinks

September 4, 2011

A Dublin bar called Tramco -- Gaelic for "sh*tty nightclub" -- is ruffling feathers for its weekly "Underwear Amnesty" parties in which barflies can trade their underoos for free drinks. The controversy isn't over the actual promotion, however: it's because in June 2011, a teenage girl was reportedly sexually assaulted at the bar by a 14-year-old male. The boy was arrested but released without formal charges.

Midnight Promotions is running the "Underwear Amnesty @ Tramco" parties, and when TheJournal asked about the appropriateness of such an event considering the rape allegation made earlier this summer, a Midnight Promotions representative answered, "No comment." The same rep confirmed that the "donated" underwear would be trashed upon receipt.

At Friday night's inaugural Underwear Amnesty party, the Herald interviewed several patrons, none of whom minded showing their underwear for free drinks. "I don't care," said one 18-year-old girl. "I got free drink for the whole night. If flashing my underwear can get me drink then that's fine with me."

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