Water Balloon Chocolate Pudding Cup Recipe

September 5, 2011

There's nothing better than chocolate, right? Wrong. Try: Water balloons. In the kitchen. With chocolate. And pudding. Yep.

First of all, we have epic choolate peanut butter pudding recipe - a favorite with the kids, and easy to make. Next, we have the piece de resistance: chocolate bowls made using water balloons. The whole process is super easy: melt chocolate, prepare baking sheet, inflat balloons spray with cooking oil, dip in chocolate, set on sheet to dry, pop balloons and - voilá! Perfect for the whole family, there's the process of melting the chocolate, inflating the balloons and then, the best part, popping them! 

Check out Bakerella's super awesome family-friendly tutorial on how to make amazing choolate pudding cups.

Bakerella's Chocolate Pudding Cups

Ever wondered how to make edible chocolate bowls in no time flat? Here's a hint (above) from Bakerella's tutorial.


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