Survey Shows Celebrity-Branded Food is just Average

September 7, 2011

Consumer Report tested 26 celebrity-branded food products and said the majority of them were comparable in taste to much cheaper brands like Kraft. Of the 26 products, only 3 received ratings of excellence.

The report said consumers need to be more wary of what they are buying instead of simply trusting a product because of its celebrity affiliation.

"Don't be starstruck," said Tod Marks, Senior Project Editor, Consumer Reports. "Read labels, when possible, to look for clues. Fortunately, trying these everyday products carries little risk; they're relatively inexpensive and if they fail to live up to expectations you haven't broken the bank."

Pasta sauces from Emeril Lagasse and Paul Newman were rated just average on a scale of poor to excellent, even though they are more expensive than generic brands. Wolfgang Puck's minestrone soup was a little better on the taste buds and was rated as good, while his tomato basil soup received an excellent rating.

Joining Puck in excellence was Giada De Laurentiis' tomato basil sauce and Mario Batali's marinara sauce.

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lala's picture

Well, I would hope that Giada, Mario, and Wolfgang would make better sauce than Paul Newman.