Thrifty Thursday 5$ Challenge Recipe Round Up

September 15, 2011

The Slow Food 5$ meal challenge is happening this Saturday, September 17th. The idea is to gather with family and friends and make meals that cost no more than 5$ a person.

Slow Food wants to show everyone that a value meal does not need to come from a fast food restaurant. To give you some inspirations here are five thrifty yet inspired recipes.

Spiced Lentil and Carrot Burgers
Lentils are protein-rich and an ideal budget ingredients. These burgers are so inexpensive, that you can afford to serve them with a  pile of seasonal greens.

Sardine Burgers
These omega-3 burgers are so flavorful and thrifty. Since you can get sardines under 2.00$ a can (one can per serving), there is still room to serve this with a seasonal veggie medley.

Zucchini Lentil Curry
This simple dish can be served over quinoa, and it will still come in under 5$ a serving.

Duck Soup
Decadent and under 5$! Use mung or rice noodles, if you are gluten free.

Vegan Chili
Beans are a classic budget ingredient, and this chili can thrill omnivores and vegans alike. With three cans of beans, I would say this can serve at least 8 people, which means there is room in the budget for a nice head of seasonal greens.



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