Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Diet Secrets Revealed

September 20, 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's trainer, James Duigan, has shared the diet secrets that keeps the model turned actress in shape. And those secrets are as simple as chewing your food.

“Chewing properly liquefies food to ensure your body can digest it efficiently and absorb maximum nutrients,” Duigan said. In addition to thorough chewing, a study revealed that people who sliced their food before eating consumed 20% less calories.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, she wasn't lying.

“Always eat within an hour of waking up,” Duigan said. “After going without food for hours during the night, the body is ready to refuel."

Eating in the evenings is another big no-no and will having you feeling a little sluggish the next morning. “Eating a large meal in the evening, when your body is slowing down or sleeping is contrary."

And last, but not least, eat smaller portions and eat frequently! “If you go for more than five hours without eating the body starts to think it’s being starved and floods itself with the stress hormone cortisol to prepare for what it thinks is a famine," the celebrity trainer said. “Plus when you do finally eat you are more likely to overeat or pick at the wrong things because you are so hungry.”

Duigan is also the personal trainer for Elle McPherson and is the author of Flat Tummy Fast.

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