Weird Wednesday Links: Best Airport Restaurants, Epic Food Fights and Bouncers at IHOP

September 21, 2011

Happy Wednesday! Kick off the second half of your workweek with these wacky links.

The 10 best airport restaurants in America, as determined by Complex magazine. [Complex]

The Denver Green School is kicking Jamie Oliver's food revolution up a few notches by growing its own vegetables to serve in the cafeteria. [Esoterica]

Muffins that cost $16 apiece? If you're attending a Justice Department conference, they're on the menu. [Yahoo! News]

In the East Village area of Manhattan, an all-new IHOP has just hired bouncers to keep late-night drunk hipsters out. [Gawker]

The Condiment Gun is a plastic revolver that shoots mustard and ketchup instead of bullets. [Laughing Squid]

Nobody better lay a finger on these mini Butterfinger cheesecakes. [Bakers Royale]

Bali's Tipat War is the most epic food fight you've ever seen. [Oddity Central]

Design nerds and fashionistas will appreciate the tasteful sensibilities of these chevron cookies. [Sweet SugarBelle]

Chevron cookies not your thing? Perhaps quatrefoil cookies are more your speed. [Bee in Our Bonnet]

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