Gordon Ramsay Gives Playboy Interview

September 24, 2011

America's favorite foul-mouthed chef gave an interview to Playboy magazine and covered a surprising amount of territory. 

Among the interesting tidbits: 

  1. 1. He never watches his own shows ("I’d rather watch Deadliest Catch or go out for dinner.")
  2. 2. He and Mario Batali are not feuding ("That’s cow shit. People fuel that crap because they want to see me go on Iron Chef against him.")
  3. 3. He would go on "Iron Chef America."
  4. 4. He doesn't think a Gordon Ramsay meal has to be made by Gordon Ramsay ("If you buy an Armani suit, you don’t ask if Giorgio stitched it himself. Did Hugo Boss personally make that T-shirt? When I bought my Ferrari 458, I didn’t ask Enzo to put the fucking wheels on so I can go 222 miles an hour. No way.")
  5. 5. Surprise, he loves the f-word. ("And don’t kid yourself. Everybody uses it. The queen swears, for God’s sake. People have to stop being prudish.")
  6. 6. He colors his hair.

Read the rest of the interview here

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