Melissa Etheridge says Western Acidic Diet is Toxic

September 29, 2011

Melissa Etheridge says it is the acidic western diet that harms the body and ultimately gave her cancer.

"Our own western lifestyle is one of the reasons that half of us have cancer - because our western lifestyle is so acidic; the food we eat causes acid... the meats, the processed foods... and it's really taxing us, and that's why we're seeing this epidemic," said the breast cancer survivor. 

Now, Etheridge says she is healthier than ever.

"I'm healthier now than I've ever been because I'm understanding what breast cancer is... It's when your health is out of balance, when you're too acidic... It's not like a disease that finds you or something in your genes. It's actually your own cells going bad."

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That is why I get so PISSED OFF when I see that PINK Ribbon on the rear of a SUV pulling into a Mc Dcrapos with little kids . How can they NOT KNOW !!

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most of the comments on the original Australian news paper article as if BIG Pharmaceutical companies run that country ? Most people are as ignorant of alternative treatment and prevention BEFORE the get sick . M Etheridge is a popular voice with an important message .Many Woman will be saved the pain and suffering because She has spoken out . Cancer is BIG $$$$$ Prevention is not.

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