McDonalds Called out over Marketing Practices

October 18, 2011

 Several health and food safety organizations are standing up to McDonalds due to their aggressive marketing of junk food to children.

An open letter written by 500 health professionals was sent to the golden arches in time for their annunal shareholder's meeting.

“Our community is devoted to caring for sick children and preventing illness through public education. But our efforts cannot compete with the hundreds of millions of dollars you spend each year directly marketing to kids." It went on to mention their deceptive marketing practices coinciding with the rise of diabetes and heart disease in kids.

Food activist, Marion Nestle, took part in the letter and basically said marketing ot kids is unethical since it makes kids beleive that the food they see is what they should be eating. Doctors, scientists, and other concerened health professionals who are in the spirit of the growing revolutionary times that we live in contributed to the letter

People are waking up, and realing that much of what's in our food supply isn't actually food.

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