Quick and Easy Pocket Sized Chicken Pot Pies

October 19, 2011

As a single girl who loves (gluten free) chicken pot pie, I was super excited to see this recipe! Instead of making a family sized chicken pot pie, you can make 4 individual handheld pocket pies and freeze them! Perfect for eating on go (not that I know what that's all about...), prepping for an easy weeknight dinner or simply single serving baking, this recipe is a fabulous idea for all of us single girls (and guys) who crave comfort food!

Gluten free? Be sure to substitute gluten free flour for filling and just use your favorite gluten free pie crust recipe. The rest is in the recipe! Depending on your pie crust, this recipe is also milk/dairy free!

Want to freeze 'em? Instead of baking the four empanada style pocket pies, wrap as many as you'd like to freeze in plastic wrap, pop 'em into a freezer bag and freeze on a flat surface (like a baking sheet!) until solid. To bake, just remember to add some extra time, no defrosting necessary!

Click here for the super simple recipe!

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