10 Terrible Things And How They Are Killing You

October 20, 2011

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has come out with a Terrible Ten list of foods, in honor of Food Day that are doing the most damage to our health. They also listed their Terrific Ten, since there are also some good things happening in the world of food and our health. 

On the list of Terrible Ten: 


McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder W Cheese


Feedlot beef

Froot Loops

Jack DeCoster's egg farms

Lobbyist groups


White Flour

Junk Food Vending Machines

See the list and their reasoning behind each choice, after the jump.

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The majority of people with very long life spans do not get there from diet, but rather lack of stress. Look at how long George Burns lived despite his cigars. He was always extremely calm and really seemed truly happy. And then there are people out in the back woods eating lots of pork, drinking moonshine and smoking and again they live a ripe old age. And again they live a lifestyle with very little stress compared to most of us.

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Feed lot beef is the worst! I have discovered an awesome source for organic foods including grass fed beef. Topline Foods delivers in the Phoenix area and ships throughout the rest of Arizona and has just started shipping to the San Diego area. Check out this article they wrote about the benefits of grass fed beef.