3 Must Try Disaronno Cocktails

October 23, 2011

Disaronno, the most popular brand of amaretto, is an Italian liqueur made from apricot kernels and spices. With an almond-like taste, amaretto is often thought of as an almond based spirit, but I'm here to dispell this notion and introduce you to not one but three amazing (and gluten free!) amaretto cocktails! Perfect for entertaining an intimate group of friends or a large holdiay party, these cocktails will serve you well into the new year! 

Cranberry Amaretto Kiss
This super simple (and festive!) cocktail punch is great for holiday entertaining - Thanksgiving or Christmas, too!

Urban Twilight Cocktail
Taking the classic combo of rum and Coke to a whole new level, this cocktail combines your favorite cola, two kinds of dark rum and amaretto for a trendy new sipper!

Heidi's Comet Cocktail
This all-out autumn cocktail combines apple cider, amaretto and vodka, all swirled with a cinnamon stick -yum!

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is di saronno ameretto vegeterian thanks