The Bethenny Frankel Diet

October 23, 2011

Bethenny Frankel says the key to being healthy is to not obsess over the food you eat and your diet.

The reality star who used to suffer from bulimia now sticks to a healthy lifestyle of portion control and consistent workouts.

"Extreme dieting and workouts do not work," Frankel said. "They are not realistic. They aren’t sustainable, and they lead to binge eating (beating ourselves up emotionally and physically by gorging on food) and erratic workout schedules."

Frankel has also said that she doesn't eat the same thing everyday, which helps keep your life balanced.

"You wouldn't want to eat the same thing today as you did yesterday and you need to live the actual life that you live," she said. "If you are Italian, you're not giving up pasta... The key is balance. If you have pancakes for breakfast then maybe have a salad with chicken for dinner."

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