Apple Going After Tiny German Cafe

October 26, 2011

Don't mess with the world's largest tech company. That's the message from this case in Germany. A small, family-run cafe named Apfelkind (or "apple child" in German) in Bonn recently ran into trouble when they tried to register their logo (seen above). 

Apfelkind's owner, Christin Römer, hoped to register the logo so she could sell clothing and other products with the logo. Apple responded with a cease-and-desist letter, arguing that consumers could become confused because the two logos are similar. 

"The company probably thought I would back out immediately after I received the letter," Gawker quoted Romer as saying. "[But] my lawyer has now appealed the motion."

What do you think? Are you confused by both logos? 

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Arnold Levi, Sr's picture

Apple computer is out of it's mind. One more greedy controlling corporation. Too big to exist.

Daniela Ortu's picture

I was not aware that Apple patented the apple themselves neither that they invented the fruit...somebody should tell normal people like us....