Art Smith Caters A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

November 27, 2011

Lady Gaga hosted a televised Thanksgiving special last week which also included a food segment with Art Smith.

"Tonight, I asked chef Art to prepare for us some fried turkey and waffles for all of America to enjoy on Thanksgiving," Lady Gaga said during A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.

Smith also helped Gaga make a few family recipes for the audience, including Grandmother Germanotta's Salami Pecorino Cheese Waffles and Aunt Sheri and Uncle Steve's Spiced Pecans.

"Cooking is such a huge part of my life that nobody really knows about," Lady Gaga added. "It's what I do on the road when I'm alone to make me feel happy."

It seems Gaga's entire family has a love for food because the Germanotta's are opening their very own restaurant.

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