Madonna Brings Own Booze to Restaurant

December 20, 2011

We've written about Madonna's diet quirks before, but it sounds as if the 53-year-old singer has some alcohol quirks as well: While dining out with boyfriend Brahim Zaibat over the weekend, she brought her own booze and wine glasses.

An eyewitness told the New York Post, "She brought her own red wine in a bag, along with two beautiful crystal glasses. They poured the wine and immediately put the bottle back in the bag, so nobody could see what it was. At the end, they took the empty wine bottle and the glasses with them. We couldn't figure out if Madonna prefers specific wine or is a total germaphobe."

Madonna and Zaibat were spotted at Osteria Cotta in the Upper West Side of New York City. Have you ever brought your own wine to a restaurant?

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Krissy's picture

Yes. This is not odd.
Especially for a celebrity...
I know people who take their own
silverware and chop sticks to restaurants.
This is much more ridiculous than your own
wine. Uhm- corkage fee