DIY Holiday Aprons

December 21, 2011

Beverly's Craft Store has a holiday DIY project perfect for the home cook.  The instructions below are to make either a Mrs. Claus apron or a Jingle Elf apron.  These aprons are festive, fun, and make great gifts.

Apron Instructions:


Materials for Mrs. Claus
•Red Apron
•White Marabou Boa
•Black Grosgrain Ribbon
•Sequin Trim
•Black Buttons
•Fabri-Tac Glue
Materials for Jingle Elf:
•Green Apron
•Jingle Bells
•White Felt
•Green Mini Rick Rack Trim
•Black Button
•Black Grosgrain Ribbon
•Gold Braided Trim
•Fabri-Tac Glue
To Make Mrs. Claus:
•Attach marabou boa pieces to neckline 
and hem of apron using Fabri-Tac.
•Attach grosgrain ribbon to make belt.
•Create buckle from sequin trim by folding and 
gluing in rectangle shape over center of black ribbon.
•Glue three buttons down the center front of apron.
To Make Jingle Elf:
•Cut the bottom of the apron, through all layers, in a zig zag, making 5 points. 
Glue point layers together to prevent fraying.
•Cut apron neckline in a V to create shirt neckline.
•Cut two collar shaped pieces from white felt to fit neckline. Glue to apron at V edge.
•Attach mini rick rack to bottom collar edges. Glue button in the center.
•Attach black grosgrain to create belt. 
•Create a buckle from gold braided trim by folding and gluing into a 
rectangular shape over center of black ribbon.
•Attach jingle bell at end of each point at the bottom of the apron.


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