5 Best Food Videos of 2011

December 31, 2011

2011 offered many hilarious food videos to watch, but here are five of the best (and most popular). 

1. Jon Stewart Roasts Donald Trump's Pizza Choice: As a true New Yorker, Stewart was not happy when businessman Donald Trump took former Alaska governor Sarah Palin to pizza by Times Square. 

2. Texans Go Crazy at In-N-Out Opening: When burger restaurant In-N-Out opened its first location in Texas, some people were literally moved to tears.

3. Funny Or Die Lampoons Lame Yelp Reviews: Comedy website Funny or Die makes fun of people who write ridiculous Yelp reviews.

2. Watch Tiny Kids Make Professional Espresso: So easy even a four-year-old child could make it!

1. Coolest Pork Belly Preparation Video Ever: Yeah, this is pretty awesome. Always really neat to see how professional chefs make our favorite dishes. 

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