Champagne Chairs Are Made From Sparkling Wine Cork Cages

January 14, 2012

Hosanna Houser recently shared instructions for these Champagne chairs on the Martha Stewart blog; they're made by bending and twisting the wire cork cages from sparkling wine bottles using pliers. With a bit of artistry and creativity, it's easy to turn these cages into art worthy of a dollhouse or collection of miniatures.

If you plan on purchasing a bottle of sparkling wine to try this project out, you'll find these recipes for easy, classic Champagne cocktails especially appropriate.

wire chair


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Sheri Wetherell's picture

We always do this with our bubbly corks! So fun! We have a collection from all of our special occasions, then write the date/event on the bottom of the "seat." 

Marissa Brassfield's picture

I love that! I do the same with the corks. Sometimes I bend the cages into little turtles, but those don't get saved like the corks do. Fun!