Sofia Vergara Loves her Boyfriend's Onion Crunch

January 14, 2012

Sofia Vergara's boyfriend, socialite Nick Loeb, is the man behind the unusual condiment, Onion Crunch -- a crispy fried onion topping. Loeb said he first discovered the topping as a kid in Scandinavia. 

"They put roasted onions on their hot dogs there," he said. I went back there as an adult and rediscovered them. I brought some home to my friends who put them on their burgers. They loved them." 

Loeb, who says he eats Onion Crunch everyday, says Vergara is also a fan of the product. 

"She was one of the people who really pushed me forward. She saw what I was doing and tasted it, loved it and her family and friends love it too. She's a big support."

After years of struggling with the brand, Onion Crunch is now available in 3000 stores and will find a new home at Costco next month. 

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