Kate Beckinsale Feared she Wouldn't Fit in her 'Underworld' Catsuit

January 17, 2012

Kate Beckinsale wasn't sure how she would look in her tight-fitting costume while filming Underworld: Awakening. The actress says she was filming Contraband in New Orleans during her training period and couldn't help but indulge in some of the not-so-healthy foods the city has to offer. 

"The whole time I was preparing for Underworld, I was actually shooting Contraband, so New Orleans is a wonderful city, but it's not the most fantastic place to get in shape because we want to go try those beignets and all those wonderful things. It's got the worst kind of Underworld suit food, really," Beckinsale said. "So it was a miracle. I guess having a lot of training for the first one, thank goodness, it wasn't quite as extensive as that but there were still a lot of complicated fight scenes to learn and stunts I hadn't done before and just the sheer terror of getting back into that suit, which is a bit like a 'put your bikini on and stand in Times Square' kind of feeling."

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