Football Ice Cream Bars are a Winning Super Bowl Frozen Treat

February 4, 2012

Football ice cream bars from Rust & Sunshine are a winning Super Bowl frozen treat.  Vanilla ice cream is cut into footballs (with a cookie cutter) and then dipped into peanut butter swirled chips and decorated with white chocolate.  These bars can be made ahead of time and presented towards the end of game to celebrate a sweet victory.  Make these football ice cream and be praised for your creativity and cooking by all your friends and family.

Football Ice Cream Bars
Recipe from Rust & Sunshine


2 quarts vanilla bean ice cream
2 packages Nestle Peanut Butter Swirled Morsels (or plain chocolate chips)
1 cup (about 1/2 package) white chocolate chips (or almond bark)
7 tablespoons sweet almond oil
For complete recipe instructions, click here.

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