DIY Panda Bread

February 24, 2012

DIY panda bread featured on Perfect Pandas is a homemade work of art.  This bread is made from a simple bread dough that is divided into three separate batches.  One ball of dough is flavored with green tea powder, the other one cocoa powder and the last one is left plain.  The cocoa dough and plain dough are layered so that the final product will resemble a panda face.  To finish the bread, the green tea dough is wrapped all around the patterned dough.  The smell of fresh bread baking in the oven is reason enough to batch this panda bread.


600g loaf pan (206 x 108 x100h)
230g bread flour
70g cake flour
30g sugar
milk + 1 yolk = 210g (I used skim milk)
4.5g salt
18g unsalted butter (I used 20g)
4g yeast
8g green tea powder dissolved in 10g boiling hot water
8g cocoa powder dissolved in 8g boiling water

For recipe instructions, click here.

*Recipe originally from Taro's and translated by Do What I Like








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