O Magazine Releases First Food Issue

March 12, 2012

Oprah Winfrey poses with her partner, Stedman Graham, on the over of O Magazine's first food issue. In the magazine, Graham talks about Winfrey's cooking and their home-cooked meals. 

"[Oprah] makes great pancakes, too. She makes great eggs, she makes great steaks -- I mean, you could go on and on and on," he said. "She's an exceptional cook and an exceptional person... And all the work she does and the effort she puts into anything she does." 

The food issue of O Magazine also includes seven recipes from Winfrey herself, including her signature Love Sandwich. 

"It became the Love Sandwich because I first started making it just for Stedman," Winfrey reveals. "I've only made it for a couple of other people, so if you've had me make the Love Sandwich for you, you have to be somebody I really care about." 

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