Pot of Gold Caramel Apples Will Make Any Leprechaun Happy

March 12, 2012

These pot of gold caramel apples from Hungry Happenings will make any little leprechaun happy.  Crisp green apples are are dipped into molding chocolate to create the cauldron base.  White molding chocolate is shaped into rounds to resemble coins and painted with gold luster dust to make them shine like real money.  Anyone that lay eyes on this pot of gold will feel lucky on St. Patrick's Day.


Chocolate Pot:
6-12 caramel apples (the size will determine how many you can make)
16 ounces melted and tempered semi sweet chocolate or melted dark cocoa candy melts/confectionery coating
1 recipe white modeling chocolate
1 recipe dark modeling chocolate
food coloring/icing coloring (I used neon green, yellow, red, orange)
powdered sugar for dusting work surface

For full recipe instructions, click here.

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