Feeling Thirsty? Four Brilliant New Cocktails for Spring

March 21, 2012

Speedtrap cocktail

In a perfect world there will be no speed traps. Or any speed limits for that matter.  And cocktails will flow like a car without brakes.

If you want to experience the Speedtrap cocktail you must get spicy ginger beer like Barretts or Goya.  Both have real bite!  They will race through your palate with endless speed.

Bushmills Honey Whiskey- Lucid Absinthe- ginger beer-Bitter End Jamaican Jerk Bitters


In a cocktail shaker, fill ¼ with ice

Add 2 shots of Bushmill’s Honey Whiskey

Add 1 shot of Lucid Absinthe

Bitter End Jamaican Jerk Bitters


Pour into tall cocktail glasses with ice and top with Ginger Beer and two drops of the Bitter End Jamaican Jerk Bitters in each glass (No more than that!  This stuff is electrically spicy)


The Lingerie Addict cocktail 

I’ve recently discovered Rose’ Lillet. It’s even more magical with Rye Whiskey, Cynar and Raspberry Simple Syrup- Whiskey Barrel Bitters round out this drink and it is further livened by seltzer.  MMM!

Rose’ Lillet- Hudson Rye Whiskey- Royal Rose Raspberry Syrup- Cynar- Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Bitters- Seltzer


In a cocktail shaker add ¼ with ice

Add 2 shots of Rose’ Lillet

Add 1 Shot of Cynar

Add 2 shots of Hudson Rye by Tuthilltown

Add 2 Shakes of the Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Bitters

Add 2 Tablespoons of Royal Rose Raspberry Syrup


Strain into short Rocks glasses with a Glace’ ice cube in each

Garnish with a pinwheel of lime


Hoodoothatvoodoo cocktail

Absinthe Wash- Tuthilltown Rye-Carpano Antica Formula-Blood Orange juice-coconut water ice


Fill short cocktail glass with 1 shot of Absinthe and 4 shots of water and ice

Let cool for a few minutes

Pour out Absinthe, Water, Ice mixture and…I know it sounds like a waste of good Absinthe... Set aside for the chaser!

Add a couple cubes of coconut water ice to the Absinthe rinsed glass

To a cocktail shaker fill ¼ with regular ice

Add 2 Shots Tuthilltown Rye (Hudson)

Add 1 Shot Carpano Antica

Add 4 oz Blood Orange Juice (freshly squeezed)

Add 2-3 shots of coconut water (sweetened is ok)

Shake and strain into the pre-chilled, Absinthe washed glasses

Use the Absinthe wash as your chaser!


Noelle Cocktail

There is no Noelle in my life, never has been, but it doesn’t hurt to create a drink for an imaginary Noelle. 

She might enjoy this cocktail by the bucketful!

This drink calls for a wisp of Aperol and a Botanical Gin like Nolet’s Gin with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a splash of Royal Rose Cardamom Clove Syrup finished with soda water


To a cocktail shaker filled ¼ with ice add ¼ shot of Aperol and 2 shots of Nolet’s Gin

Add 3-4 oz of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and 2 Tablespoons of Royal Rose Cardamom/Clove simple syrup


Pour into Coupe’ glasses and finish with a splash of seltzer water

Garnish with a home cured cherry








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