Picking a Wine for A Carrot Ginger Soup

April 7, 2012

Wine with soup? Why not? A carrot ginger soup has sweetness from the carrots and spiciness from the ginger that would be great with a German Riesling. It's a wine with a touch of sweetness to compliment the carrot and offset the snap of ginger. But if you prefer your wines dry, you can still select Riesling; try the highly underrated dry versions of this grape from Australia, especially the ones from the Clare Valley region. As a bonus, a chilled white wine can put out the fire if your soup is too hot but you lack the patience to let it cool before eating.

This wine pairing works equally well with vegetarian or vegan versions of carrot ginger soup. So whether you prepare it with or without chicken stock or a finishing dollop of sour cream, your wine selection can remain the same.

And if you'd prefer to have alcohol in your carrot-ginger soup, we know where you can get that.


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