Eat Sriracha Infographic Proves the Chili Sauce is Better Than Ketchup

May 1, 2012

This "Eat Sriracha" infographic shows just what condiment should be used on top of your meat. The rooster-branded bottle has seemingly gone mainstream, and thanks to its rich concentration of capsaicin, it can even make you healthier, happier and skinnier.

Not sure what to do with the iconic condiment? Check out these uses for sriracha.

eat sriracha

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Emeric Salzberg's picture

I love me some Sriracha, but I'm not sure health claims sourced from will make me feel better about abusing the stuff as much I as do.

little miss leading's picture

rooster sauce isnt zero calories. it is only 5 cal. per serving but still not 0. way ahead of ketchup.

Suzanne's picture

I was so excited to share this, but it's immediately discredited by the "zero calories."