Thirsty Thursdays: The New Deal Cocktail from ArtBar

May 10, 2012

The ArtBar at Art and Soul in Washington DC is focusing their attention on seasonal spirits.  Mixologist Ronald Flores is currently experimenting with artisanal tequilas and infusing them with flavors such as lavender and white pepper.  Tequila's versatility make it a prime candidate for a variety of cocktails like The New Deal.  Flores pairs IXA organic silver tequila (made from 100 percent agave and cooked in traditional clay ovens) with spicy chai liqueur, spicy peppers and bright lime juice.  Sip on The New Deal on the porch while enjoying a bold flavored Mexican dinner or by itself to take in the array of flavors.

The New Deal


2 oz Ixa Organic silver tequila
1 oz chai liqueur
Fresh lime juice (whole)
House-made pickled peppers


1.     Pour all of your ingredients into ice shaker

2.     Shake it

3.     Strain it

4.     Pour into martini glass

5.     Add pickled pepper garnish

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