Miranda Kerr Talks Son's Super-Healthy Diet

May 17, 2012

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is known for her healthy diet -- read about her son's birthday cake and her post-pregnancy diet for some background -- and in a recent interview with Fit Celeb, the revealed how Flynn's tastes mimic his mother's.

"I do steamed sweet potato with broccoli and baby spinach all mushed up in there together, and he really loves that," she explained. "He's a very healthy little boy, and loves just munching on little blueberries. And he eats fish as well. And he actually has green juices because we make green juices with kale and spinach and parsley and lemon. He has a little bit of that mixed in with his water."

Kerr admitted that her diet isn't always saintly, however, admitting, "I know what to do, what is right, but that doesn't mean that I always do it. Live is about living and having fun and it's about balance, and I like to be like that."

Isn't Miranda Kerr's perspective refreshing, considering the constant onslaught of stories about unhealthy diets in the modeling industry?

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