Pinterest Board of the Week: For the Love of Chocolate

June 9, 2012

Lucy from "Charlie Brown" probably summed it up best: "All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!" Wiser words have not been spoken. Our For the Love of Chocolate Pinterest board celebrates one of the sweetest temptations around. Discover how you can infuse a hint of mint with the thin mint brownies or go for espresso with the chocolate doughnut, nutella and coffee ice cream sandwiches. Prefer your chocolate pure and solo? The chocolate mousse in a chocolate shell might be the recipe for you. Whichever sweet treat catches your eye, go ahead and indulge. Just remember -- no guilt allowed.

Do you have a chocolate-themed Pinterest board? If so, comment on one of our chocolate pins with the link so we can check it out!

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Thats some great work right there.