Bethenny Frankel Talks Favorite Meal in NYC

June 12, 2012

In a recent interview, Bethenney Frankel talked about the best meal you can find in New York City. 

"Il Mulino. I like sitting down and being inundated with chunks of parmesan cheese, garlic, and seemingly complimentary appetizers (this place ain't cheap)," Frankel said. "This was a date spot that many men would take me to impress me. The food and atmosphere was always the silver lining even if the date was a bust." 

However, Frankel doesn't eat out as often as you might think. The reality star and business woman makes sure to cook for her family every day. 

"I enjoy cooking for my family. I always have key staples and then make different variations from that," she said. "I make fresh salads, pasta dishes, whatever I have in my home."